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  • How does the suspended food drop platform TOKTUT work?
    Social aid institutions and local government units, which identify families and individuals in need of hot food, contact TOKTUT, notify the amount of need and the day of distribution, and create a demand. Meals are collected on the basis of pieces on the hangers created in line with the opened needs. Supporters suspend as many meals as they wish. The distribution program is prepared by matching the hung food and the created needs. Meals are prepared on the specified day and delivered to the need center that opened the request, counted and checked with a signed report. Meals are distributed in the presence of relevant social aid workers and local government units. The needy are determined among families who are so destitute that they cannot afford even a meal, and the lonely old people who cannot cook for themselves.
  • How do I track the support I have provided?
    Social aid institutions and local government units, which identify families and individuals in need of hot food, reach TOKTUT, notify the number of needs and the day of distribution, and create a demand. Supports for the food hangers created in line with the opened needs are collected on the basis of units. Supporters leave as many meals as they want on the hanger. Suspended meals are prepared on the day determined for the created need request and delivered to the need center that opened the request. Meals are distributed in the company of the concerned, social aid workers or local government units. The needy are determined from families in financial poverty who cannot afford even a single meal, and lonely elderly individuals who cannot cook for themselves.
  • How do suspended meals reach those in need?
    Meal supports for different needs are left on different hangers and are taken to the distribution program when the hanger period expires. The amount of food accumulated during the suspension period is prepared fresh daily within the following week and delivered to the relevant need center with a delivery report. When the delivery is made, the need center officer logs in to the system and confirms it and shares the photos taken during the distribution. A thank you message is sent to the supporters, which includes detailed information and photos about the distribution of the meals they left on the hanger. When the hanger expires, the date is updated by the system and a new hanger is created to collect the food.
  • How can we support TOKTUT as a private sector company?
    Supports can be done individually or institutionally. Institutions that want to be a mass meal sponsor for disadvantaged groups can send their support requests by filling out the form on the NGO page or by sending a message to
  • How can I become a TOKTUT Volunteer?
    TOKTUT is a voluntary movement. It continues to exist with the effort and energy of the team of volunteers. For this reason, the voluntary support you will provide makes invaluable contributions to TOKTUT. Fill out the form by clicking the “Volunteer” button that you will find on the NGO page. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Is food aid done fairly and impartially?
    Toktut'mak is in our hands (TOKTUT for short) is an independent and completely impartial social aid organization. It maintains its impartiality by keeping an equal distance from all municipalities and local units belonging to different political parties. It aims to provide healthy meals to everyone living at the border of hunger, regardless of any political, ethnic, religious or sectarian discrimination, so that they can eat well and keep their immunity strong under the conditions of epidemic and economic crisis. It pays attention to the equal and fair distribution of aid among different segments, not always the same people and groups.
  • To whom did TOKTUT provide food aid during the epidemic?
    Poor elderly people over the age of 65 who live alone and cannot leave the house during the closure period. Individuals who are in quarantine alone at home, showing symptoms of illness and too weak to cook. Those who previously worked without social security and lived on their daily income and became unemployed due to the epidemic. Families on the border of starvation who live in poor areas, do not have adequate kitchen equipment in their homes, and therefore food parcels are insufficient. Special family structures where there is no adult or healthy person to cook at home. Students who are closed in student houses and university dormitories and whose financial situation is insufficient. Nursing homes and elderly care centers, orphanages, orphanages, women's shelters, disabled care centers, which do not have a dining hall or whose food supply chain is interrupted. Dormitory and container shelters where workers who do not have a cafeteria or whose food supply chain has been interrupted and who work far from home in closed factories or construction sites are trapped. Medical staff who cannot find or have time to eat properly during long shifts. Migrant women and children who survived thanks to the help of charities Anyone who has difficulty meeting their daily food needs or accessing hot food for any reason during the Covid-19 outbreak
  • Is the online payment system safe?
    TOKTUT does not collect, view or store the card information of the supporters. Donations made over the Internet are received through the iyzico payment system, which is a PayU institution. The individual card information of the supporters is under the guarantee of iyzico. The TOKTUT website has an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate for the security of other personal data requested from supporters, such as name and e-mail address, in order to send messages about the delivery of meals after donation. We kindly request you to read the KVKK information text at the bottom of the page on the protection of personal information.
  • Can I make donations by wire transfer?
    Supporters who do not prefer to pay online can deposit their donations into the association's bank account. It is important for individual donors to write their names and surnames in the explanation section. If a transfer or EFT is to be made from a corporate account, please do not forget to indicate the official information required for the receipt in the explanation section or fill in the relevant form on the NGO page and send it. Bank: Türkiye İş Bankası İstanbul Etiler Branch Account Holder: TOKTUTMAK ASSOCIATION IBAN NO: TR26 0006 4000 0011 0670 7423 19
  • Can I donate on behalf of someone else?
    Yes, you can leave a hanger or donate on behalf of someone else. You can turn this donation into a benevolent gift for your loved ones and relatives, or you can distribute food to those in need to commemorate those you lost. Choose one of the TOKTUT gift certificates and fill out the form containing the e-mail information on whose behalf it will be issued. While the TOKTUT Certificate you have chosen will reach the person you donated food on the date you specify, a detailed e-mail will be sent to you after the delivery of the meals.
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