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TOKTUT is delivering emergency food packages to the regions affected by the February 6th earthquakes, to be distributed.


We are delivering ready meals, which will meet the food needs of disaster victims for a few days until hot meal facilities are in order. Packages include products that can be easily transported and can energise victims, such as canned legumes, canned tuna, nuts, halva and honey. They can be opened and consumed immediately. These one-person boxes are supplied to the region.

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TOKTUT is in the process of establishing a healthy and effective distribution of packaged meals to earthquake victims in the surrounding regions by transforming the surviving kitchens in Malatya and then Adıyaman into disaster kitchens.

You can make your donations with the aid package options below, or you can send to our foundation's bank account:

Toktutmak Elimizde Derneği - (USD Account)

TR08 0006 4000 0021 0673 4983 11


Toktutmak Elimizde Derneği - (EUR Account)
TR18 0006 4000 0021 0673 4983 25


Urgent Food Package

3 days for 1 person


Urgent Food Package

3 days for 10 people


Urgent Food Package

3 days for 3 people


Urgent Food Package

3 days for 50 people


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Food Packages

Lasts until April 20, 2023



Number of Packages Donated


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