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TOKTUT is installing water treatment systems in container cities in the earthquake zone to ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water and for its sustainability.


Among the solutions to meet the drinking water needs of disaster victims in the districts most affected by the earthquake in a permanent and sustainable manner, building water treatment plants in container cities and schools stands out as the best practice.

With the support of corporate donors, TOKTUT completed the installation of water treatment plants in 3 container cities in August and a forth one in November 2023, meeting the drinking water needs of more than 15 thousand people.

Within the scope of the project, it is aimed to provide daily drinking water consumption for 30 thousand people in the earthquake zone.


: Completed water treatment facilities


: Water treatment facilities planned to start operations

Mains water is not potable in Turkey.

Earthquake victims living in container cities obtain drinking water from plastic bottles distributed by social workers and aid organizations. However, bottled water distribution is costly, laborious and environmentally harmful in terms of plastic waste.

The presence of on-site purification systems in every container city and school provides a practical, economical and environmentally friendly solution to the water problem in the earthquake zone.

With the sponsorship of companies and grant support from corporate stakeholders, TOKTUT aims to build a clean water network throughout the earthquake zone by the end of the year and to contribute to water safety by conducting periodic maintenance and necessary controls by the service team.


Basic Needs

To ensure that those living in the earthquake zone benefit from the right to access clean water, which is one of the most vital needs, free of charge, unconditionally and uninterruptedly 24/7.

Zero Waste

Instead of mass water distributions carried out by transporting plastic bottles by trucks, a special purification system will be installed in each container city to ensure that drinking water consumption does not harm the environment.


Implementing a more convenient, cost-effective and permanent solution by treating domestic water on-site and converting it into drinking water, which is better than constantly transporting water from outside.

Mass Solution

To produce 10 tons of water per day with the treatment units and to meet the entire drinking water needs of a container city with an average of 2 thousand people and those living in and around it.

Sustainable Development Goals

TOKTUT directly contributes to three of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with its drinking water project in the earthquake zone.


As of February 2024 in the Earthquake Zone

2 million people continue to live in disaster-affected cities.

50 thousand people are still living in tents.

Approximately 640 thousand people are sheltering in container cities.

As the number of container cities grows in the coming months, the need for water treatment facilities is expected to increase.

TOKTUT continues to work on water projects to ensure that everyone living in the earthquake zone has access to clean drinking water.





How to Provide Corporate Support to the Project?


You can follow the steps in the link to make an online donation on behalf of your organization.


You can fill in the contact form.


The names of the companies, organizations and groups that cover the installation costs of the water treatment units are written on their signboards.

This sign will remain fixed as long as the plant is in operation.


Bank details for donating directly to the water aid account can be found here. Please indicate in the description which organization or community you are paying on behalf of.


Representatives of the donor organization can visit the site while the water treatment system is being constructed or after it starts operating.

Photos and videos of the implementation are shared with the donor and a certificate of appreciation is prepared and delivered.

Sustainable Drinking Water Projects in Earthquake Zones

Banka Hesapları

Bank Accounts

Account name: Toktutmak Elimizde Association 

Water Aid Account

İş Bank Etiler Branch Istanbul


TL Account

TR24 0006 4000 0011 0670 7732 01


EURO Account

TR18 0006 4000 0021 0673 4983 25


USD Account

TR08 0006 4000 0021 0673 4983 11



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